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A Love Story

September 10, 2010

I was catching up on my reader last night and saw this video – it’s an animated version of Danny & Annie’s love story, who were married for 27 years before Danny passed away. It’s heartbreaking and lovely all at the same time. A great reminder that although planning a wedding is an exciting and wonderful thing, the marriage is what it’s all about…

{Danny & Annie from StoryCorps via A Cup of Jo}

  • Rhonda Giedt writes:

    This is very touching and you are correct….the wedding is fun to plan but the life together after is the best part!


  • Molly Michel writes:

    Oh Darci, I love this! So much!! Wow. Just great. It's nice to see a departure from the pretty things once in a while to touch upon the real point of a wedding. Well done!


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