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A Veil of Secrecy

December 12, 2007

Well, not really. But I couldn’t think of any other clever titles for this post that involved the word “veil.” Anyway – I’ve decided on a long veil! I was already leaning towards one, because I have fantasies of pictures like the one above. But when my Mom and I went to go pick up my dress I tried some on. When I put on the long veil with my dress, the woman at the boutique said “Oh wow, that’s such a classic look.” Sold. I decided to order from, seeing as how their prices are a fraction of what veils costs in the bridal salons. I decided on standard fullness, and chapel length. That way it just rests on the ground a little bit, and isn’t longer than my train. I ordered color samples from veilshop, and they arrived this week! Now it’s just a matter of taking the samples to my parent’s house to compare them to the dress….which, naturally, means I might have to try it on 75 more times. Here are some other pics that provided me with some inspiration for a long veil (one of which, I won’t say which one in case a some people are lurking, looks a lot like a certain someone’s dress):

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