Inspiration for your road to the altar

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With This Ring began in the summer of 2007, as I was in the midst of planning my wedding.  What started as a space to document my thoughts and ideas for my own plans eventually turned into a place to share inspiration with others.  Whether it is big or small, simple or packed with details (and no matter the budget), I think that your wedding day should be a reflection of you as a couple and a celebration of your life together.  I hope this is a space where you are able to find some inspiration for your own road to the altar.

:::::: ABOUT THE AUTHOR ::::::

When I started writing in this space my husband and I were renovating a condo in Chicago and enjoying living in the city with our crazy schnauzer.  Since then we have experienced the joys of selling said condo (sense the sarcasm), relocating to Charlotte, NC and becoming the extremely proud parents of a beautiful baby girl. When I am not putting my business degree to use during the day I love to create, and spend every moment in between with my family.  You can see pictures from my wedding in this series of posts and you can also find me on my home inspired blog, With This Nest as well as the lifestyle blog House on 8th.  Thanks for stopping by!


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