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Air Your Dirty Laundry

August 21, 2009

When I read the email from Elana at Melangerie, I knew I had to share this idea as soon as possible! They are offering this adorable “Dirty Laundry” idea in a variety of colors on their site, which is perfect for showers or casual receptions. The concept is this – the kit encourages event attendees to decoratively air out the guest(s) of honor’s “dirty laundry” by jotting funny stories on note cards shaped as t-shirts, tank tops, pants, and skirts. It comes in this cute little laundry bag, full of all the supplies you need (including mini clothespins, clothesline and a label explaining everything that fits on a real detergent bottle). I love it! Check out their Etsy Store for more color options and details.

  • {The Perfect Palette} writes:

    So fun!


  • danacordovadesign writes:

    Incredibly cute idea! Thanks for this.


  • Anonymous writes:

    I just ordered this for my cousin's birthday party and can't wait until it gets here! What I love most about it is that the bag(where you can store the cards in after) has a space on the front for you to enter in the date of the event.

    I definitely think it'll be a hit at this party and I can't wait to see the look on my cousin's face!


  • Wedding Favors writes:

    "dirty laundry" LOL


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