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Boutonnieres, and other words I can’t spell

October 18, 2007

We’re going up to Wisconsin to meet with a florist and a lighting designer this weekend, so I’ve been trying to gather as many pictures as possible before then. Turns out, I don’t really like boutonnieres. I don’t really like them at all. The majority of them just seem really awkward and cheesy to me, but somehow I feel like they’re needed. Brad doesn’t really like them much either, so after a lot of searching I found 5 pictures that I can live with & actually kind of like the more I look at them. The top & bottom pictures on the left side are my favorites, but I also like the ranunculus if they were white. Anyone have any thoughts? And does anyone know what those crazy curlycue things are? I love those!

  • Pearls Events writes:

    I’m with ya on the whole “not loving bouts”. My husband was in a wedding a month or so ago with FAKE flowers. Ugh. Now, that was tacky.


  • boise.jenny writes:

    I think those curly-q things are called “monkey tail.” I saw them a lot when I was looking through magazines and liked them as well. I think my two favorites are bottom left and bottom right. I would be afraid about how the bottom right one would hold up, though. It looks so delicate, which is one of the reasons I like it. But if I recall, bouts kind of get a beating with all of the hugging that goes on at weddings, so I’d go with something sturdy.


  • Molly writes:

    I saw boutineres that were reinterpreted as a little group of greens and flowers but were tucked into the pocket instead of a pocket square – loved, loved, loved this. Wish I would have thought of it for my wedding. Email me if you want a picture.
    Oh, and those are monkey tails.


  • Danica writes:

    I’m not a fan of bouts at all. I had TWO weddings this summer that bucked tradition and did not do them. And the best part? They were complimented up and down for de-flowering the men. One of the weddings opted to do a colored pocket square in the jacket to make up for the lack of floral. Looked classy.

    Point being…if neither of you are into the bout thing, save the money! They won’t be missed and I can’t wait for this silly tradition to fade away. :)


  • Heather writes:

    I got married this past summer and didn’t do bouts (I’m not a fan either)…. well we did for the fathers and grandfathers, but thats it. And truthfully, I really don’t think anyone noticed one way or the other!


  • Darci writes:

    It’s so interesting to hear that other people share my feelings about bouts! I think we came up with a good solution, which I’ll post about today or tomorrow. But I am still considering doing away with them all together!


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