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Buff Brides Challenge

November 26, 2007

I was out to lunch with a friend of mine this afternoon, who is also getting married next year. We were discussing how it’s about time to get serious about exercising if we want our arms to look oh-so-fantastic in those dresses! I remembered reading something about the Buff Brides Fitness Challenge, so I decided to look into it. The challenge is 12 weeks, all laid out for you by Weight Watchers. You can go to their site and print out each week’s schedule here. We’re going to start week 1 after Christmas…are any of you on weight loss plans for the wedding? If so, how’s it going?

  • molly writes:

    Thank you! My arms is the place I want to really work. I have 11 months to go so I haven’t been pushing too hard yet, but I try to hit the gym a few times a week. I figure that if I start now, it won’t be awful later. Wishful thinking, right?


  • Darci writes:

    I hear you, Molly. I am really interested in having some toned arms for that strapless dress! Be sure to let me know if you go through with the challenge!


  • elizabeth writes:

    i know we all say this every day but today was the day i started my diet. seriously… i have twelve months to lose 30 pounds!


  • Kathy writes:

    Well, I’m not a bride, but I did just have a baby 4 months ago. I’m hoping to get myself into better shape for Darci’s wedding, and this challenge sounds like a good idea to me! I especially like waiting until after Christmas to get started… Great idea!


  • Lucky Designs writes:

    I am with Kathy – I will want something like this after my baby is born. I want to be on the right track for a friend’s wedding in May!


  • christine writes:

    That’s such a cute pic! Me and my two BM’s are thinking of doing something fun together as group. Like Bridal Bootcamp or a dance class or something!

    Bridal party bonding and getting in shape!


  • Frugalicious writes:

    I’m using and Weight Watchers. I’ve lost 5 lbs on Weight Watchers in 4 weeks. The wedding is the most inspiration I have had- I love it!


  • linz1618 writes:

    I got a trainer and went a little over board at got 24 sessions. Man it has helped so much jump start my bridebod and now I’m kind of addicted to going!


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