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Calligraphy Alternative

October 15, 2009

As much as I love calligraphy, its completely understandable that not everyone can fit it into their budgets. Since your return address is something you’ll be writing over and over again during the course of the wedding (invitations, thank you notes, RSVP cards) why not opt for an adorable custom calligraphy stamp? Lettergirl offers all of these cute alternatives, and even return address stickers. We purchased a stamp for our Save the Dates, and I can tell you that I am still using it a year after the wedding!

If you are going to change your last name after the wedding, consider using just your first names or even a monogram (that’s what we used) and your address underneath. Either way, Lettergirl has some seriously cute options.

  • Ale writes:

    Just what I needed! Thank you :)


  • Anonymous writes:

    i love her stamps for the longest time! this just pushed me one step closer to getting one.


  • Amanda Katherine writes:

    I have never seen anything like this. It is an amazing time saver and such a cute stamp to use for years after the wedding. I already ordered one!


  • landlocked bride writes:

    LOVE this!


  • Jasmine writes:

    I LOVE calligraphy!

    My fiance thought it was an "unnecessary expense" so we decided to compromise. Silly boys :)

    We had our place cards and invitations done by a calligrapher, but we were able to find a place online (Bachcroft) that printed all of our guests names onto clear address labels for about $40! Luckily they offered a typestyle that looks almost exactly like what is on our invitations.

    I highly recommend that every couple with a budget check them out.


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