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Hi-Fi Weddings Music Mix

August 18, 2010

Do you read Hi-Fi Weddings? Ashley writes all about the music side of weddings and everything in between. If you’re looking for the perfect play list for a certain portion of your day, I can guarantee she has some ideas already published on her blog! Ashley has such great style and of course, an amazing ear for music. So I am really excited to tell you that she put together a mix for all of you!

While you’re busy transforming into a bride, you’ll clearly be in need of some tunes to set the mood. So Ashley created a “Going to the Chapel” mix just for the occasion, that you can listen to below. Thanks, Ashley!

**If you’re looking at this in a reader, click over to the site to access the player!**

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I love a good tradition, so I planned to save the top tier of our wedding cake for our first anniversary. But if you really look at the picture, the top tier of that cake was huge! We shared some with family at brunch the morning after the wedding, gave some to my brother and sister-in-law to take home with them, and still had a lot left over. We didn’t leave for our honeymoon until the Monday following the wedding so I had some cake for breakfast for a couple of days and then decided to freeze the wedge that was leftover.

If you follow me on twitter you’ll know that took it out of the freezer for our anniversary last week and I am happy to report that it was still fabulous! So, since it was a success I thought I would share with all of you how we preserved our wedding cake.

Start by putting the cake (uncovered) in the freezer for an hour or two until the frosting becomes pretty firm. Then wrap the entire thing in several layers of saran wrap – I wrapped the entire cake at least six or seven times. Then cover the entire thing in a few layers of tin foil and put it into a ziploc freezer bag. That’s it! I read that when you eventually take it out of the freezer its best to let it defrost in the refrigerator. So, that’s the method we used and in about four hours it was ready to go. Here’s the proof:

What do you think? Are you planning on saving the top tier of your wedding cake?

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Tana Photography

July 30, 2008
My very dear friend (and now bridesmaid) was married last September in Idaho. She was so happy with her photographer and we were all blown away by the pictures, so this post is long overdue! Nonetheless, I am very excited to give you, Tana Photography. Tana sent over these pictures for me to share with you, all of which I just love. Check out this black, white and green wedding with an apple motif:These veil shots are so amazing, and look at that bracelet the bride is wearing. I love that:
In addition to being a fantastic photographer, Tana is also great at helping brides navigate through their wedding day. In her latest blog post she gathered advice from some of her former brides, to help new brides during their planning! You can read the post here (Jenny S. would be my aforementioned dear friend). I love that a few of the answers involve hiring people that you really enjoy being around…amen to that!

Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures and advice, Tana!

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