Inspiration for your road to the altar

Since we got married on a lake, Brad came up with the idea to take a boat from the ceremony to the reception. It made much more sense than a car but I initially thought it would be cost prohibitive. After some research it turned out I was wrong, and it all worked out perfectly. I bought the letters that were hung on the back of the boat from Land of Nod. They weren’t quite hung straight, but they were cute nonetheless. And the most important part was that there was chilled champagne waiting for us as soon as we were on board.

We rented the boat from Gage Marine, which is why the letter “G” appeared throughout the decor. The irony is that our married name starts with a “G” so it looks like the entire boat was customized just for us!
A few months before the wedding, my Mom and I took advantage of a sale at Hobby Lobby and bought 100 white sandwich bags to use as luminaries. Seeing as how I don’t know when to quit when I am ahead, I also bought a hole punch and cut out a lace pattern in the top of each bag.
At the end of the luminary lit path, this was the view through the window…
I decided to use small envelopes for escort cards, along with the wishing rock idea. The sign asked guests to hold their respective rock in their hand and make a wish, like a lucky penny. Then they put the rocks into the large vase in the center of the table (purchased from Pottery Barn). The escort cards and envelopes were purchased from Crane’s and the calligraphy was by Michele Clark.
In this picture you can barely see the green paper that I used to line the envelopes. When I cut the liners for our invitations, I made the cut so that there was a strip left over from each page that fit the escort card envelopes.
We used both low and tall centerpieces, and if I had it to do over again I might have just stuck with the low ones. I wasn’t crazy about the way the tall centerpieces worked out, but hindsight is always so much clearer! Instead of colored tablecloths, I took some inspiration from Kelly Oshiro’s wedding and used two different runners. We rented green runners to go under the damask ones that my Mom made, which didn’t turn out to be quite the color of green I remember ordering but again, oh well!
Our table numbers were moleskin notebooks, which were covered in several different types of paper. We got some amazing responses to our “Advice For the Bride and Groom” request that was stamped onto the inside of each booklet. You can see the full instructions on how to make them from the amazing Laurie Cinotto on OnceWed.
The menu cards (the chicken quesadilla horns were so tasty). When we got back up to our suite at the end of the night, the resort had packaged up two of the dinners and put them in our mini fridge. It was so sweet and so very appreciated!
I included this one because it gives you another look at the runners and the entire table setup. We opted not to have a head table, but instead just sat with our wedding party at a table in the center of the room.
Since we had a photo booth, our guest book was a blank album with space for our guests to paste their pictures and leave us a note. The way the booth was set up, there were two printouts of each picture so that our guests could also take one home as a favor. So that they weren’t carrying around loose pictures in their purses and pockets, we provided some envelopes that perfectly fit the 4×6 pictures.
Our custom stir sticks and napkins were ordered from For Your Party. There was also a green version of the cocktail napkin with white print.
The first dance – I was nervous about dancing in front of everyone but when it came down to it, I didn’t even realize they were there.
And last but not least, the bathroom baskets! The beautiful flowers were recycled many times over. The small tin buckets they are in were used at my shower, and the actual arrangements were our rehearsal dinner centerpieces. The green tray and the oval tin were both purchased from The MacBeth Collection and they are now hanging out in our house.
And with that, our wedding posts are complete! Thank you all so much for reading along and participating in this entire process. I can truly say that it wouldn’t have been the same without you. Have a lovely weekend – I have another fun announcement for you next week!

Black, White and Pink

November 26, 2008

I know how much you all love damask, so I thought you would enjoy this interpretation with bright pink. All of these photos are from Patricia Lyons, a Virginia photographer who is oozing with talent. Her website is under construction buy you can check out more of her work on her blog. Don’t you love the back of Amy’s dress pictured above?
The chair covers with the monograms are perfection. Oh how I wish we would have made some of those for our chairs! You can see a few more shots of the couple here.
On a totally unrelated note, I am completely adore the car and monogrammed drink flags from this wedding:
Not only are there monogrammed flags, but they are in mason jars! Swoon.


Tressie & Barry

August 4, 2008

Tressie contacted me several months ago and our conversation about weddings and her newest venture resulted in me writing about her online boutique, MoxieBee. So I was thrilled when she contacted me again this weekend to show me pictures of her recent wedding! They were married in the hotel where Tressie’s grandparents spent their honeymoon night in 1939 – The Cactus Hotel in San Angelo, Texas (the town where Tressie also grew up). From Tressie, “To achieve a unique, personal setting at a location where weddings are held every weekend, we had to get creative and very specific with our direction. We also did it all on a budget, and getting married in a smaller town definitely gets the cost down.”
Their colors were black and ivory damask, with accents and flowers in bright pink and green. The ceremony was held in the lobby of the hotel and then guests were directed upstairs for dinner, first dances, and cake cutting. While they were all upstairs for dinner the lobby was again transformed into a dance floor.
Again, from Tressie, “Before we walked into the ballroom, we had a love story projecting on the wall. Our videographer had recorded how we met and felt about each other. After that 5 minute video played, we projected Casa Blanca on silent throughout dinner to go with the vintage/Old Hollywood theme. It was perfect!”
The movie on the wall is so fantastic! Tressie’s Mom is a baker, so the evening was filled with all sorts of fantastic desserts. They had “welcome cupcakes,” the sweet dream cookie favors pictured above, and cookie and milk shooters!
“All of our food was comfort food like burger sliders and mac and cheese. We also had pop rocks, rock candy, cheesecake pops, and an ice cream sundae bar. It was an overload of sweets:) We wanted to incorporate all of the things that we love.” And they had a photo booth complete with some hilarious props…
Thank you so much Tressie for sharing these pictures, and to everyone else who sends me their wedding photos even if they don’t want them shared on the blog! I absolutely love seeing how beautiful your weddings turn out. Congrats to Tressie and Barry!