Inspiration for your road to the altar

White Owl

February 3, 2010

These lovely necklaces from White Owl were all over the blogs last year, but when Cyd wrote about them again recently it reminded me to share them with all of you. The materials are repurposed lace and fabric from flea markets, estate sales, etc. These would certainly make a statement with a bridesmaids dress (or even a wedding dress)!

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Moroccan Wedding Blankets

January 12, 2010

How beautiful are these blankets? They are all handmade, with the skills to make them being passed down through generations of women. Tradition holds that the blankets have talismanic power and protect the user from the evil eye. Truly so beautiful! The ones you see here were found via moraccanmaryam (just email her to inquire) but you can also find them right here. Do any of you have wedding traditions that are passed down through your family?


Jess L.C.

August 26, 2009

I absolutely adore the jewelry from Jess L.C. Based out of Chicago, all of the designs are handmade and extremely affordable. Don’t they look like they could cost hundreds of dollars? Everything is well under that price range, and when I emailed Jessica to ask if I could write about her designs, she reminded me that she offers a 25% discount for bridal parties with multiple maids. Just email her and mention the discount to receive 25% off your order (plus, free shipping on orders over $60!) She also has a really cute blog that is worth checking out – a girl after my own heart!