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The Programs

September 10, 2008

Once again, it pains me to blur out the information but I want to share some pictures of our programs! About a month ago I realized that I would be crazy to try and print the program covers myself – I swear once we hit the three month mark everything hit the fan. So I turned to the old reliable etsy and put in an alchemy request. Literally minutes later I was sorting through offers and found the lovely CW Wonting.I can’t say enough about how great it was to work with Christine. She helped my creatively lacking self finalize a design and worked really hard to make sure I was happy with the final results. We used the flourish I created for the invitations and then I printed the inserts myself.I used a 1/4″ double sided satin ribbon to tie it all together and I am happy to say that as of last night they’re finished! I just used Word to create the template for the inside pages and formatted it so that I could feed the same piece of paper through the printer twice so that it is double sided. If you’re interested in using a similar format just shoot me an email and I will gladly pass along the template!