Inspiration for your road to the altar

I am so in love with this color palette that I think I just might use it as inspiration for decorating our new house! And to start off, I bought this amazing print from Anna Emilia. She is an incredibly talented artist from Finland…I can hardly wait for it to arrive!


Quick Palette: Grey and Rose

October 29, 2010

I love the soft light and the muted tones in this image from sara one day. And wouldn’t clusters of single vibrant blooms in silver vases make a beautiful centerpiece? Simple and easy!


Quick Palette: Teal and Grey

October 22, 2010

I really loved this “Love” print from pleasebestill when I saw it on Perfect Bound last week, and think the palette is so warm and fresh. I am currently in the midst of a rather involved struggle over whether or not to buy it for my very own self. I fear that at some point we’re going to run out of wall space for all the prints I have to have!