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Colored Cake Stands

May 19, 2010

My love for cake stands knows no bounds, but these bright candy colored stands are my new favorites! There are over 15 colors and lots of other adorable pottery items, all from Bauer Pottery Company. Would you opt for a colored cake stand for your wedding cake? Or just opt to include it in your registry?

  • DapperPaper writes:

    oh i LOVE these! i may need to get one, immediately!

    I think they would be ADORABLE for a wedding cake or even multiples with cupcakes!

    great find!



  • Lauren writes:

    These are great, I love the last two colors. They would look great with cakes/cupcakes with coordinating colors.


  • merium writes:

    oh gosh, those are gorgeous! I love my clear glass stands, and my white Sophie Conran, but one of these is a must!


  • MERgetsMRSed writes:

    I knew I wasn't crazy for loving the set of cobalt blue stacking stands that I added to our B&B registry. Loooove them.


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