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Custom Photobooths

January 6, 2010

One of our favorite things from our wedding are the pictures from our photobooth. When our family was here over the holidays (over a year after the wedding, mind you) we streamed all of them to our TV and everyone sat around laughing hysterically! There are combinations of relatives taking pictures together that no one would have dreamed of, and after everyone consumed a few drinks the images are even funnier.

Ours was just a black and white set up (which I still love the simplicity of) but I also adore these custom photobooths from Thomas Marlow! They can be broken down and shipped to your event pretty easily, and no two designs are ever alike. Aren’t they fabulous? If you’re interested you can contact Thomas directly through his site or by sending him an email (thomas.marlow {@}

  • Beyond by Maureen writes:

    I L-O-V-E this idea!!!!!


  • Bicoastal Bride writes:

    So cute! I think this is a great idea.


  • Surrounded By Boys writes:

    Your photo booth was awesome! I'm still a little sad I didn't have the nerve to get in on it.

    And, yes, over a year later and I'm still enjoying your blog. :)


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