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DIY Project: Cupcake in a Jar

April 27, 2010

This project is so adorable (and looks so tasty) I could hardly wait to share it with you! I think just about anything in a mason jar is instantly charming, but red velvet cupcakes? Such a lovely idea. The spoons tied to the jar with bakers twine is really a finishing touch and I am pretty sure these would be perfect for showers, wedding favors, even hostess gifts. You can find all the instructions and many more pictures on the fabulous cakies blog. And as the stickers say – enjoy!

  • {Marianna} writes:

    Mmmmhhh, yumm!!! ^___^


  • Bicoastal Bride writes:

    Yum! That looks delicious!


  • Album Boutique Team writes:

    Oh yummy! I love this idea – you could tie it to any of the theme colors with frosting or dye!


  • MegRuth writes:

    What a clever and cute idea!


  • Rachel writes:

    I love this idea! It would be fun to have different flavors for guests to choose from too. How lovely.


  • wedding gifts writes:

    Wedding season is in full swing, and I can't be more excited! I loved planning my wedding, and threaten my husband with huge anniversary bashes just so I have another great event to plan! I think for now, that will have to wait for a significant anniversary, but until then, I am happily helping others make their days special. I am very excited about a project I am working on right now. I am creating programs for a wedding that will take place in Fresno in May. The bride had some GREAT ideas, and we came up with something so simple but so beautiful, that I cannot WAIT to produce all of them! Amanda, your wedding is going to be fabulous!


  • Caitlin writes:

    This is such a neat idea! I love red velvet cake, but since my wedding colors are pink and brown…I am considering possibly strawberry flavored cupcakes instead. Thanks for the inspiration and wonderful idea!


  • Ms. Wedding Crasher writes:

    These look amazingly delicious!


  • FireFly Bachelorette Events writes:

    Fabulous idea – they look gorgeous. I cant wait to try them out – thanks for sharing.


  • Ashley @ Bride on a Budget writes:

    Someone needs to send one of these to me immediately. :-)


  • Zoe @ Bridesmaids Direct writes:

    That's such a nice idea – but's it's making me hungry again.


  • A l’Amour Bridal in Barrington, Illinois writes:

    Awesome idea! So many applications other than wedding, but such a special treat for a wedding favor! Thank you for sharing such a unique idea!


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