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Green With Envy

January 10, 2008

Even the name of this Coach purse is cute, Madeline. Why must I get e-mails about things like this? If anyone is looking for a last minute birthday gift… :)

  • posted by Darci Galvin
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  • christine writes:

    LOVE this and LOVE the shoes from your earlier post. Shoes and purses… my weakness, I could talk for hours!

    I had the same dilemma trying to find some cute and short little peep toes. I ended up going with these:

    But I must say I love the wrapped fabric of yours!!


  • Molly writes:

    I have a purse the same color by Kate Spade and I LOVE it! I think the best part of this one is the little bow tied on it. So adorable.
    If only an unlimited income existed in my world…


  • Enjoy Celebrations and Occasions writes:

    LOVE it!!! I, too, have a green bag and it makes me happy every time I carry it. You should have this.


  • Monica Rae writes:



  • Jane writes:

    I want this!!!


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