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Inspiration Session: Woodland Spring Wedding

May 10, 2010

This adorable inspiration session took place near Glacier National Park in Kalispell, Montana – the perfect setting for a small soiree in the woods. I really love the way the bright pink and teal palette stand out in the muted surroundings, and if there was every a proper place to incorporate some bird related elements this is certainly it! Of course the damask and the mason jars are fabulous, but there are so many simple elements that make this inspiration session stand out which would be easy to incorporate into your own event.

The bride’s necklace is so simple but so bold that it really makes a statement, and I love that the groom isn’t wearing a standard white shirt. The plaid looks fabulous with that gray vest and jacket! And check out that silverware, simply tied together with a small piece of ribbon…genius. Thank you to Sharon and Sara of Serendipity Events for creating the idea and pulling together all of the elements for the session, and to Alicia Brown for all the lovely photos!

  • Kara writes:

    I love this!


  • Laris.Sa writes:

    OMG…i LOVE lOVE LOVE this <3
    great color combination !!!!!!


  • DapperPaper writes:

    oh, i LOVE this! so much!

    and i LOVE their looks, so great!


  • Truly Engaging writes:

    so pretty and captivating… i love everything~ esp her bouquet colors, cupcake stand, his pink tie and plaid shirt, the silverware wrap, bout… ok i'll stop now.


  • La Vitrine des PouppĂ©s writes:

    I enjoy too much all of your post, there're fantastic !!!
    Follow you and enlace you !!!


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