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Monogram Labels

November 6, 2008

So cute – I love the labels with the scalloped edges! You can find them from etsy seller ladybuglabels and 112 of them are under $30. I am not sure what it is about monograms that I like so much, but I think I would monogram the dog if I could.Don’t forget that you have until midnight (CST) tonight to enter the Vive Jewelry giveaway! The randomly chosen winner will be announced tomorrow morning.

  • Bridechka writes:

    This is a great deal, I am already picturing all of the things I can stick these on….


  • Vestirdeblanco writes:

    They are gorgeous!!

    I just wonder, if you don’t take your husband name, how can you make a monogram?


  • Darci writes:

    Such a great question! I think there are several ways you could go about it – I've seen some really pretty monograms that just use first names or even just first initials with an ampersand (D&B). Or you could use both your initials with an ampersand (DL&BG)…or maybe even smaller first initials and combined last names, so it looks like a traditional monogram but with two initials in the middle instead of one (dLGb). That's a poor illustration…maybe this calls for it's own post


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