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Moroccan Wedding Blankets

January 12, 2010

How beautiful are these blankets? They are all handmade, with the skills to make them being passed down through generations of women. Tradition holds that the blankets have talismanic power and protect the user from the evil eye. Truly so beautiful! The ones you see here were found via moraccanmaryam (just email her to inquire) but you can also find them right here. Do any of you have wedding traditions that are passed down through your family?

  • CaraBella writes:

    gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! I think I'll have to add this to my very long list of wishes 😀 — even without the weddingness attached to it, the blankets are just too lovely!


  • Olivia writes:

    Very pretty! They look so warm and comfy too!


  • Truly Engaging writes:

    Oh, I love the idea of a wedding blanket. These are incredibly beautiful!


  • blankets writes:

    Many style of vintage moroccan wedding blanket is on this Etsy shop : the price is interesting with the 20% off until the 31 december 😉


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