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Nautical Invitations

June 9, 2008

I wanted our rehearsal dinner invitations to be fun and casual since we’re planning a relaxed dinner in the harbor of the resort we’ll be staying in. And since I sacrificed my love for the nautical theme in favor of black, white and green, I gave myself permission to use it for this! I was looking for nautical inspiration without using boats and anchors, and came across this bouquet and boutonniere on brides.
I loved the stripes with the green mixed in, so this is what I came up with (I just changed the pertinent info instead of blurring things out):
It’s a little hard to tell, but the stripes are a really dark blue. I am hoping it achieves the “nautical with out the cheesy” look I was going for!

  • Guilty Secret writes:

    I think it’s perfect – nautical without being cheesy is exactly how I would have described it.


  • Kelly writes:

    you are kidding me! I feel like we are wedding twins. My colors are black, white and green also and I designed my invites almost exactly like that. Except besides the stripes, I have dots.


  • gift girl writes:

    They are truly lovely.


  • Lyndsy writes:

    I love it so much! If I was getting married on the east coast I would so have chosen this theme. So fun!


  • Melissa DiStefano writes:

    I think they are beautiful! And you wanted kind of a beach wedding anyway, but didn’t.

    So this is the best way to have it your way – twice!

    I love it! And they are certainly anything but cheesey!


  • jessica lynn writes:

    i am in love with it! classy, elegant, and just plain adorable! what i wouldnt give to receive one in the mail!! :)


  • Molly writes:

    fantastic Darci, as always!
    You interpreted your inspirations really well.


  • writes:

    Nautical design done right! It’s so elegant and clean. Where are my boat shoes?


  • Wedding Invitations writes:

    Nautical always a good theme for east and west coast weddings.


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