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Oh Happy Day!

March 19, 2008

I am not sure it’s possible for me to be more pleased with myself right now. I successfully made our ring bearer pillow last night!Yes, I know, really I just sewed two square pieces of fabric together and stuffed them. But if you knew me you would know that this is an accomplishment. I think I mentioned that I just got a sewing machine for Christmas, but people were actually worried I would lose a finger (which is a valid concern). Here is a close up:
And the back, so you can see the pattern and just how cute that fabric really is:
I’ll admit that the first one I made was way to small, making this one my second attempt. And it really did take me about three hours to get it right but the fact that it’s actually sewn together in a square is nothing less than thrilling for me. If you’re interested in the details I can give some, but basically you just get yourself some fabric, cut it into 10″ squares, sew them together and stuff!

  • Melissa DiStefano writes:

    Hooray! Great job! Super Chic and really pretty! I love it!!!


  • Kathy writes:

    Excellent work, Darci! It turned out just beautiful! It’s so Martha!


  • linz1618 writes:

    AWESOME and of course it’s awesome because it’s a great damask fabric…too cute


  • Jenna writes:

    I love the color of this damask. Great job!


  • Linda writes:

    It looks terrific!


  • HLM writes:

    gorgeous! I have bookmarked and hope to make something similar when the time comes.


  • Lyndsy writes:

    I am so impressed! So crafty and creative! It turned out fabulous!


  • These Little writes:

    Adorable! You’re giving Martha a run for her money :)


  • Julia writes:

    Great job! Love the fabric, of course.


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