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Our Wedding – Getting Ready

March 18, 2009

Here it is, the moment you’ve all been waiting for (okay not really, but I’ve always wanted to say that). I am going to take the rest of the week to recap our wedding and give you as many details as possible. If you happen to use any of these images on your blog, please credit Browers Photography as well as With This Ring. And with that – here we go! The image above is actually my rehearsal bouquet, which was so pretty that we kept it around all weekend. My cousin forgot to bring along the ribbons from the shower, but I was more than happy to have hydrangeas instead.
We stayed at the same resort where our reception took place (as did most of our guests) so we had a suite for the weekend. It was the perfect place to get ready and do a little relaxing. As you can see, my shoes are below which are by Something Bleu and were ordered online (except they’ve apparently gone up in price a bit).
Our ring bowl from Paloma’s Nest, which we didn’t actually use in the ceremony but I wanted some pictures of anyway. It says, “For Who You Are” which is a phrase that has been around since we started dating. Brad and I were sending each other emails (the modern day version of love letters, no?) and he used that phrase in one of them. In fact, I still have the email. His ring is also engraved with that phrase and now the little bowl is the resting place for our rings each night.
If you remember, I had some seriously unsuccessful hair and makeup trials in Lake Geneva. Our budget just wouldn’t allow me to bring both a hair and makeup specialist all the way from Chicago, so I had to pick one. I am not a huge fan of the way that I look with my hair up anyway, and the wedding was quite casual for the most part, so I decided that I would supplement my severe lack of skills in the makeup department and hire a professional. It was one of the best decisions I made! I can’t say enough about Marla Del Angel, who drove up to Wisconsin with no complaints and was totally patient with my being picky. To be quite frank, I had a monster of a blemish taking up residence on the right half of my cheek the day before the wedding and Marla made that sucker disappear completely. I looked exactly the same way at midnight that I did at 10AM…if only she could come over before work every morning.
This is one of my favorite pictures from the day – my Mom is taking my dress out of the bag and giving it a final inspection. I don’t know why, but I get emotional whenever I look at this one.
Originally, my dress had a corset back. I loved the way that the corset made the dress fit, but we wound up taking it out and putting in actual satin covered buttons instead. They look beautiful, but those little buttons are not easy to fasten. So now, I give you the “we will complain about our fingers for the next decade because of these rotten buttons” collage. It took my Mom and both bridesmaids no less that four and a half days to get me in that bad boy. Look at the level of concentration…
Don’t be deceived, the bottom right picture is the only one of me smiling through the entire process. They kept whispering behind me all “don’t get her all worked up, act like everything is fine” and it was making me bananas. But alas, they got it buttoned and then my Dad came in to see his only daughter in her wedding dress. I love his face in this picture while they are putting on my veil.
Ahem. Meanwhile, in the boys room…
I love the array of items on the dresser. Vodka, orange juice, sunglasses, a lint brush (at least they removed their lint) and our rehearsal dinner invitation. They got dressed in our best man’s room, so apparently he was worried about missing the dinner the night before. I also like the hand in the back left of the picture, apparently in motion and frantically reaching for his vodka and OJ concoction.
These are the nice pictures, I’ve left out the shots where they put the hotel robes on and acted like they were performing karate (seriously). But Brad does get some credit for this printout on how to fold his pocket square:
On the video you can hear one of our photographers saying “I am so impressed, most guys just shove those things in there.” Another budget cut was the boutonnieres for all the groomsmen, ushers, and the dads. They all work pocket squares instead and I have to say that while I was sad about it at first, that day I didn’t even notice.
And now, back to our suite for a highlight of some of my most sentimental things. This brooch is my Great Grandmother’s and it is pinned to lace from my Mom’s wedding dress (which you can see her wearing here). We later tied it around my bouquet before I walked down the aisle.
This pin is from my Great Great Grandmother, which is sitting on a handkerchief I had made for the wedding. I wound up with two handkerchiefs – one that my Aunt made and then this one that I ordered.
And lastly, this is my cousin and maid of honor pinning my Grandmother’s earring into my dress. My Grandpa gave my Grandma gold and pearl earrings while they were married and all of her daughters (my Mom and my Aunt included) wore them on their wedding day. So now, my cousin and I each have one. This picture makes me a little weepy, too.
This picture just makes me laugh, I had to include it. Yes, you are in fact looking at the toilet in the bathroom of our suite. I had nothing to do with the green ribbon around the spare roll of toilet paper, it was like that when we got there. But no less that four people accused me of putting it there, with a mixture of sympathy for obvious ensuing insanity and complete horror. For the record – I realize that I was a little obsessed with the details of it all, but I stopped short of decorating the toilet paper.
At this point, after a minor bridesmaid dress debacle, we’re all ready and getting preparing to go meet Brad and the boys. The wraps were part of my gift to the girls – aren’t they just the most adorable bridesmaids ever?Tomorrow I will share some portraits and a few pictures from the ceremony, then Friday will be the reception and all those details. I hope you are enjoying it all!

  • Nicole-Lynn writes:

    Beautiful pictures! LOVE the dress & details. The toilet paper is too cute! haha


  • Caroline writes:

    what dress is that?? i LOVE it?


  • Tenille writes:

    The dress & necklace combo for your bridesmaids look delish! Exciting!


  • Lucky Designs writes:

    I am so excited to see more wedding pictures!!


  • Adrienne writes:

    I love all the details!! Wow those buttons must have been crazy hard, and the decorated toilet paper is hilarious….haha. Can’t wait to see the rest!


  • LS writes:

    All the pictures look so great! Thanks for showing them all to us, and I know we’re excited to see more! The toilet paper ribbon is great, and I love those green wraps too.
    I’ve been reading your blog for over a year and – I don’t think I’ve told you – am using your wedding theme for my wedding too. I just love the black/white damask with green. My wedding is less than two months away so hopefully soon I’ll have some pics to show you. Thanks for all the inspiration you’ve given me!


  • The Wishful Dreamer writes:

    beautiful pictures! I love that bouquet!


  • HazelnutPhotography writes:

    eeekk! I just now realized that we hadn’t seen your wedding pictures yet! So super excited!


  • Kelly Oshiro writes:



  • Julia writes:

    I love the TP the best because I’m sure my bridesmaids would’ve accused me of the same thing. Totally classic.

    What a fun recap….you deserve it! Enjoy each and every post.


  • T. L. C. writes:

    Hi! I’ve been a lurker here and have had your site address on my sidebar for along time. I am one who LOVES anything with Damask and I always check daily to see whats new.

    I have this hope/dream of having my wedding day on St. Patricks day and the green and black have always been my dream colors.

    I just wanted to say thanks for posting your wedding pictures…There simply amazing and I LOVE those green beads for the brides maids. When my time comes, I’ll def. be checking back on old posts for all my info here.

    :: tierra c. ::


  • sdrollinger writes:

    loving the look of the bridesmaids! So cute, and classic! Fantastic taste :)


  • bubbatea writes:

    the pictures are simply wonderful, such an amazing wedding! esp love all the details of your wedding… where did you ever find the groomsmen sock and the grooms tie? I’ve searching everywhere for this.


  • Darci writes:

    Hi bubbatea – thank you! We found the groomsmen’s socks at Macys and the ties were from Brooks Brothers. They were each part of their gifts. I hope that helps!


  • Melek writes:

    Mikael I wish I could get married again so you could take pitucres for it! You did an awesome job. My favorite one is where they are kissing and holding their rings out SO cool and very unique. Haven’t ever seen a picture like that before.


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