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Paper Butterflies

June 8, 2010

How pretty are these paper butterflies? They are cut from vintage prints and at peacocky’s Etsy shop you can get 50 of them for only $6. I am thinking you could thread them with twine and use them to tie up napkins at each place setting…or maybe pin them to a white foam board for a lovely backdrop? Tell me how you would use them!

  • Blue Penguin writes:

    They would be beautiful confetti (although such a shame to let them go) or scattered around on tables to add some character. The newsprint really appeals to me, as my fiance is a journalist…


  • Alex writes:

    Garland! I think they would be amazing in multiple strings.


  • Katie Liz writes:

    I was also going to say confetti, especially if you are using butterflies throughout your wedding.


  • Hindsight Bride writes:

    I vote for garland. Love the idea of confetti, but what a mess to clean up 😉


  • Melissa Hayes writes:

    omg! i love these beautiful butterfiles and i love your blog Darci :)


  • Kara writes:

    There are so many possibilities…


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