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Pearl Dog Collar, Part Two

June 25, 2008

I didn’t intend for there to be a part two to this post, but I wanted to pass along something I learned after attempting to have Lola actually wear the collar. But first, a brief refresher for those of you that might have missed the first post. I made Lola a pearl collar so she’ll be stylish for the wedding pictures (she’s not behaved well enough to be in the actual weddding but I refuse to miss a photo op). I followed some instructions from an old issue of Martha Stewart Weddings, which suggests that you can just tie the embroidery thread around the dog’s neck to secure the collar. This might work for normal dogs but Lola is, shall we say, active. We’re pretty sure she has the doggie version of ADD. So with all the moving around and overall craziness that occurs when we put the collar on her, it would fall right off when I tried to just tie it around her neck.

In search of a better solution, I was at PetsMart a few weeks ago and they were having a sale on collars. I bought a regular nylon collar for $3 and when I got home I just cut the clasps off either end and tied them to the embroidery string. I tied 6-7 knots on each side and tried to get the pears as close to the clasp as possible. This did make it a little longer that it was originally, but luckily before I actually tied the claps on I tested it out. I was able to tug gently and slip one of the pearls off over the end knot to make it a little smaller. Turns out she can still get it in her mouth if she really acts like a fool and puts some effort behind it, but hopefully she’ll be so distracted that day she won’t give it a try. Anyway, hopefully this will help any of you who are attempting to make one yourself!

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