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December 5, 2008

Bernard Maisner is famous for his beautiful calligraphy and now (well, it’s news to me at least) he put his beautiful script on other products as well. The wrapping paper above is so sweet I am not sure I would be able to use it! It’s $18 for a 5 ft roll, so you would have to do something special with it for sure. I am thinking you could cut out a square of the print and possibly put it in a small frame to go above your mantel every year? Perhaps cheesy, but it’s just so pretty! As are these umbrellas, which are definitely a little more pricey but equally as lovely:

  • LA writes:

    That umbrella is ADORABLE!
    I want one! :)


  • Kate writes:

    I love the A-Z umbrella on his site. Darling. I’d lose it though. I’m like kryptonite to umbrellas. I couldn’t keep one for more than a week or two if I glued it in my hand.


  • Melissa writes:

    I love the umbrella!


  • An Atlanta Bride writes:

    Lovely items. People can be so imaginative!


  • cj writes:

    Pretty stuffs, I like it!


  • Wedding Favors writes:

    I don't think I've ever seen an umbrella like that.


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