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Quick Palette: Pink and Brown

July 16, 2010

Such a classic palette, and yet it still seems so fresh when its presented in pale tones. This image makes me think of fresh white laundry being hung out to dry on a summer day – with the right crisp white fabric, I think this image could be the basis for a lovely wedding. {Image by Gabrielle Kai}

  • Morgan Falk Photography writes:

    I agree 100%! This palette is one of the most romantic in my opinion, especially when it's modeled after blossoms of any kind.
    Beautiful post:)


  • Truly Engaging writes:

    yes! Such flexibility~ from vintage to modern styles. So gentle and breezy. Just lovely.


  • Schnelle Couture writes:

    i love this palette. it's the basic color scheme that i am going for.


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