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Quick Palette: Shades of Lavender

July 23, 2010

Despite my early aversion, I have really loved to learn subtle shades of lavender, especially when they are paired with grey. What about you? {Image by the fabulous oh joy!}

  • Erin writes:

    Yes! My bridesmaids will be wearing grey dresses and the flowers will be mostly shades of lavender! I love this palette!


  • Rhonda Giedt writes:

    This palette is wonderful! I've loved lavender since a little girl but this palette makes it much more sophisticated!


  • Liz (The Wedding Bistro at Bellenza) writes:

    Lavender is indeed lovely especially when you can pair it with other colors like chocolate brown or silver.


  • Claire writes:

    I love this color palette. The photo of the flowers is just beautiful. The softness of the colors lends it self well to many different themes.


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