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Ring Bearer Pillows

March 11, 2008
{Lisa Lefkowitz Photography}

I love colorful ring bearer pillows and the two above are some of my particular favorites. My Mom actually has a handkerchief that could be used to make the one on the left, but honestly I am a little worried about it getting dirty or otherwise damaged. It’s something I would rather have as a keepsake that I can maybe use another way for the wedding. So, I decided to try and find some brightly colored green fabric so that I can make one similar to the picture on the right. I was searching for some damask fabric for someone else on ebay, when I came across this:

My Mom gave me my first sewing machine for Christmas and I have high hopes that with the right color thread and some ribbon I’ll be in business. There is also a solid chance it could wind up looking disasterous, but for now I have high hopes! I am still debating on how to display the escort cards but I bought some extra fabric in case I decide to go along this route: I would opt for two standing easels and use the rest of the fabric to make these amazing tacks that could hold each card in place:You can find out all about the tacks and how to make them from the amazing Jessica Jones on How About Orange. And if you’re feeling adventureous and also want to make your own ring bearer pillow, Martha can tell you how.

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