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Sand Ceremony

January 25, 2008

We’re getting married outdoors, so including a unity candle in the ceremony was pretty much eliminated from the beginning. I do really like the idea of including something to signify that we’re joining our lives, though, and the sand ceremony seems like a great alternative. The idea is that there are three vases (just like the candles)…one symbolizing the bride, the other symbolizing the groom, with the final vase signifying the two of you joined together. To start the ceremony, the groom pours part of his sand into the center vase:

Then the bride follows with some sand from her vase:

And then both of you continue to pour simultaneously until the center vase is full. I’ve seen pictures of couples using funnels created out of paper, where the paper has some words significant to them written on it. Like this:

So, while I love the idea of the ceremony, I was majorly turned off by the colored sand. Something about it just seems to really increase the cheese factor, and that alone has prevented me from actually ordering the vases. But when I put some thought into it I came up with what I think is a great solution (if I do say so myself). When I was little we spent time every year in a certain place in Florida. There are a LOT of great memories from there, 90% of which involved being on the beach. So several years ago, after a family reunion there, I filled two Ziploc bags with sand from that beach and brought it home with me. No clue why I did it, I feel a little crazy even typing those words, but now I am glad that I did! When we were at my parents house last weekend I went downstairs and promptly found the shoebox containing my sand….best part? It’s white sand.

Our ceremony will take place in a location that my fiance spent nearly all of his childhood in, a lot of which also included playing on the beach. The sand from his memories just so happens to be a perfectly contrasting color of brown. So, for our sand ceremony we’re each going to pour actual sand from our respective childhoods into a vase that we can keep forever. Perfect. It’s all about making things as personal as possible, no?

The pictures above are all from My Divine Wedding, you can have the vases engraved in several different ways. Grooms initial on one, brides on another, combined monogram on the center vase, etc. I think we’re going to opt for just the monogram on the center vase. They have a few different options for vases, but really you could use just about anything. I also like the idea of using the sand ceremony to join blended families, each child gets his/her own vase:

I am working on a few different invitation designs this weekend and hopefully printing out our save the dates, so there will be much to discuss next week! Have a great weekend…

  • Future Mrs. S writes:

    A friend of ours did the sand ceremony at their outdoor wedding. Now, they have the jars displayed in their living room. It looks really nice!


  • Kathy writes:

    Oh my goodness! I absolutely love this idea! We used a unity candle at our ceremony and didn’t get to keep it. So it’ll be awesome for you to see the vases at your house in the years to come as a reminder of your special day!


  • Karen & TJ writes:

    I already loved the idea of a sand ceremony but it will be extra special since you’re using sand with meaning. Awesome idea!


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