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December 28, 2007

In my quest for something “different,” I thought about the possibility of using succulents in the wedding for quite awhile at the beginning of the planning process. I landed on hydrangeas instead, but I still love the way succulents look. The colors in the plant above are so soft and pretty, and the texture of the succulents is so fantastic. I could even see these clustered as centerpieces (images from The Martha Blog):
Then this morning I came across a wedding shot by Julie Mikos…I’ve seen succulents used in bouquets before but never quite like this! It’s so unique & I really love the boutonniere. B is really against using anything “girly” for the boutonnieres, or anything that even remotely resembles a berry. I think we might be able to get away with that one. My bouquet is already planned out, but the bouts are another story! Would it be weird to only use succulents in the bouts?

  • Molly writes:

    I love the look, but they are more delicate than they seem. There will be a lot of hugging, so choose ones that can hold up to that.


  • Melissa DiStefano writes:

    I think it’s beautiful, but I aggree with Molly – maybe have the florist make 2- one for the ceremony then hugs, and one for the reception…. Great unique masquiline idea!


  • It’s Lovely writes:

    What a great idea. I’d heard as well that they’re somewhat delicate, but since bouts are relatively inexpensive you might be able to afford to have some backups made.


  • elizabeth @ elizabeth anne designs writes:

    i adore that bouquet with the peachy color and the succulents! i can honestly say i’ve never seen these done in a wedding, so i LOVE it!


  • Wedding Reception writes:



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