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The Savvy Wedding Guide

July 25, 2008
One of my friends sent me a link to this today – has this great Savvy Wedding Guide online. This is what the first page of the guide offers up as a description:

“When you are planning your wedding, people will say you need to do many things: serve this appetizer, use this plate, order this cake, and don’t forget to register for china. Brides- and grooms-to-be are inundated by individuals whose chief desire seems to be to extract the most money out of them as possible. We talked to caterers, pastry chefs, bartenders, retail registry specialists, and other insiders to hear their tips and tricks. And we quizzed couples, recently and not-so-recently married, on what they liked about their weddings, and what they would have done differently. The result is our handbook on how to get the biggest bang for your buck on food, booze, and gifts.”

I wish I had seen this while we were at the earlier stages of planning (sadly, there are no tips for what to do when your band leaves you high and dry). But there are some seriously great tips on registries, catering, and even how to write a good toast. Which, as I am sure we’ve all witnessed at some past wedding, can be tricky business. Besides good advice, all of the pictures associated with the guide amuse me:

Happy Weekend!

  • Betsy writes:

    what a great resource. i will definitely use this whenever my day comes around…


  • Jenna writes:

    I added all kinds of fun things to my registry that this site suggested. Thanks for the link!


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