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The Small Object

February 1, 2010

This weekend I attended IndieWed and had such a great time finally meeting some of my favorite artisans in person, as well as being introduced to some new products. One of my favorite booths was The Small Object, which was full of these adorable clothespin cake toppers that Sarah Neuburger creates by hand. They are custom made, and you can select all the details right down to the style of your clothes!

  • Bicoastal Bride writes:

    Those are so cute! We had custom toppers made that match our looks and clothes, too.


  • Cam writes:

    I just did a whole post on cake toppers and I soooo wish I knew about these to add them to the collection! They are too damn cute!


  • Savoir Weddings writes:

    I like how individual and personal these are and they also look damn cute.


  • Katie writes:

    So glad you posted these! I saw the pictures from indiewed and saw these, but couldn't figure out who made them! So cute!


  • marriage writes:

    The wedding cake is the center of attention in a wedding reception.Guests usually draw attention to it especially if the wedding cake tops is unique..and those are sooooo cute!


  • Ashley Vaughn writes:

    omg these are SO cute! now i want to get married again :)


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