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Tie ‘Em Up

March 14, 2008
As I’ve mentioned before, I am painfully indecisive. I am also really terrible at trying to visualize how things will look…I need to see them beforehand so I can stare at the picture for hours on end, agonize over it a little more, and then come to a decision. Since our wedding party is essentially traveling from all over the country, we’ve decided to just tell the boys to wear their own black suits. Plain black, no stripes, but the rest is up to them. If they want to rent one, buy one, wear one they already have, doesn’t matter to me! I am envisioning black suits, white shirts, and a green tie. Easy, right? Not so much. I’ve been hunting for months to find the perfect green tie! I really wanted a stripe of some sort and nearly every green tie is paired up with navy blue stripes. And then, when I was close to my witts end, I found this at Brooks Brothers:

It’s the perfect shade of green, no blue stripes, and it’s also $75. That would mean that if we only bought these for the groom & two groomsmen we’re looking at over $200. I whined and cried and kept looking. But now my friends, Brooks Brothers is having a sale! Not only do you get 15% off your entire purchase (25% if you have a store card) the ties are buy one get one 30% off. A little over $50/tie is a lot more reasonable and it will make an excellent gift for the boys (we liked them so much the ushers and the Dad’s are getting some too). But since I am a freak and have to create mock-ups of things to see what they’ll look like, I had to get a visual of the entire ensemble before ordering. I give you, a really bad mock-up of the groomsmen:

The ties are ordered! And yes, there is a pocket square in that picture for a reason. I don’t know what color we’ll wind up going with but B is completely against boutonnieres so this is our alternative. Hope everyone has a good weekend!

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